Online Patient Reference Group

We want to hear from you

The Doctors and staff here at the Red House are very interested in our patients’ views about the services we provide and how our services can be improved.

To enable us to do this we would like to consult with a large and diverse group of patients and feel that we can achieve this by setting up a group of patients that can be consulted by email.

If you are happy for us to seek your views from time to time by email, please contact reception and let them know.


The National Association for Patient Participation

The National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P) is a charity organisation that promotes and supports patient participation in primary care. Patient participation is a unique partnership between patients, GPs and their practice. It is essential to ensure high quality care designed specifically for patients.

N.A.P.P is the only UK umbrella organisation for patient-led groups in general practice and they provide essential support through a comprehensive range of specialist resources. They provide useful information, conferences, workshops, research, consultancy and more to help support Patient Groups in the UK.

Meeting at Sherwood House on 25th March, 2015