Local Health Links

  • www.mkhospital.nhs.uk
    The Milton Keynes Hospital. View Parking Information and a Map of the Hospital.
  • www.communityvoicesonline.org
    This site provides opportunity for the community of Milton Keynes to say what they think about local Health and Social Care Services.
  • www.mkweb.co.uk
    MK Web is an on-line directory commissioned jointly by MK Council and MK Primary Care Trust to help people find detailed information of services and resources in the Milton Keynes area.
  • www.iapt.nhs.uk
    The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Service is new to the Milton Keynes area. We work with people who are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety or depression along with other mental health problems using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. You can be referred to our service via your GP. You can find out more about IAPT on the national website.
  • www.safermk.com
    This site provides information and advice on abuse. Don’t turn a blind eye on abuse you can help the hidden victims of abuse if you speak out.