Lakes Junior Parkrun

23 children came with their families to run a two lap course of 2km all inside the perimeter fence of the fields. At 9 am they ran/walked and smiled (mostly) their way round –  14 were completely new to Parkrun.

This event will now run every Sunday and it`s free.

The two big needs are:

For children to run and also for volunteers. At the moment some highly motivated volunteers from all over MK  have got this off the ground and will support it for as long as is needed. However, we want to encourage as many locals and parents as possible to become volunteers. It is really well organised and they only volunteer as and when they want to.

Please see this quote from a local resident :

I was never a massive fan of running but I really enjoyed Sunday especially with the kids. Keeping fit is so important and being a part of something like that encourages you to want to improve and continue to do it, I think it’s fantastic for the estate to have it right on our doorstep.”

A  request:

Please could you encourage all the families and children you work, live near or know  to sign up for this wonderful opportunity to get fit, have family fun and enjoy the fresh air together.

To register for a child to run

Email address to volunteer

Parkrun website with the summary of Sunday`s event.

To view the flyer