Are you a Carer? Carers MK can help…

Do you look after someone who cannot manage without you? This could be a family member, friend or neighbour who, because of disability, illness or frailty, cannot manage on their own.

If so you are a CARER and you are entitled to support for yourself.

CarersMK can help carers by providing:

  • up to date information and advice
  • training to help with your caring role
  • somebody to talk to in confidence
  • opportunities to meet other carers
  • access to events and relaxation therapies

Every year more than two million people in the UK become Carers. Becoming a Carer can be bewildering, confusing and frightening. No one is super human and all Carers need some support and back-up.

Recognising yourself as a Carer is the first step to getting the support you need. Many of us do not see ourselves as Carers: we are mums and dads, husbands, wives, partners, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbours. We are simply doing what anyone would, caring unpaid for a loved one or friend, helping them through when they are unable to do things for themselves. The fact is that you are also a Carer and there are things that you need to know. No one likes to be labelled, but recognising yourself as a Carer can be the gateway to getting a range of help and support.

If you would like to receive support and information please download a copy of our Carers Referral form and hand it into Reception who will pass your details on accordingly.

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