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Family and Friends Support Group – every Thursday 1pm. Find out more…

The Family and Friends Support Group meets at Cripps Lodge every Thursday from 1.00pm till 2.00pm.

Are you the partner or son or daughter of a heavy drinker or drug user? If you are, you may well find yourself anxious, confused, annoyed, guilty, fed up, raging mad or going round the bend. Perhaps all of these feeling go round and round your till your head is spinning and you feel as stuck and helpless as the one who is using. he or she can at least get “out of it” but you feel there’s no break at all for you; Maybe you are so full of worry about you loved one getting terribly ill or dying even that you buy them drink to help them ward off withdrawals, or are so fearful of them getting beaten up for drug debts that you give them money you know will never be repaid, or do anything simply to have a moment’s peace from their intense demands. You may help out and make all sorts of allowances, not believing for a minute the excuses that are given, but feeling that the alternative, not doing anything, is even worse and you’d never be able to live with yourself if anything happened to them.

If you find yourself in this sort of state you may say to yourself that the one thing that needs to change is for your partner or other family member to get a detox or script or appropriate medication or key-working and then everything might be all right. However, you collusion with their using probably keeps you as stuck as the one using. You may get so tangled up in the cobweb that is addiction that any move you make simply wraps the strands of the webs all the tighter around you.

Do not panic; there is a group just for you. The Family and Friends Support Group meets at Cripps Lodge every Thursday from 1.00pm till 2.00pm. The aim of the group is to help you understand and manage the difficulties you are facing so that you can move forward and not be overwhelmed with a problem that can be hard to talk about with friends or other members of your family.

Each week the friendly, informal support group meets to share experiences and gain support from the other group members and the group facilitators. You will realize you are not alone and perhaps learn things from those whose lives have already started to change, by way of getting some perspective on the problem.

Anyone who is a friend or family member of someone who has a problem with drink or drugs is welcome. You can attend just one meeting or continue each week. It is a drop-in group; you do not need to make an appointment. The drinker or drug user does not have to be engaging with treatment or CRI.

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